‘Hold space for your healing & an openness to receive it’

1:1 Reiki & Guidance Sessions

In a 1:1 Reiki & guidance session you will not only receive the healing benefits of Reiki but also guidance in the form of channeled messages for your continued healing & personal growth. Each session goes for around 1.5 hours and you will receive light refreshments & a gift to take home after every session.

At the time of booking your healing & guidance session please fill out the Client Information Form as when you arrive for your session we will spend a little time discussing what you would like to work through, resolve or balance. This allows me to establish a clear intention for your session.

Through a series of hand positions, starting at your crown, I will work downwards along the energy centres of your body.

During the session you may experience different sensations, see colours or feel tingling or heat, this is all just energy moving. You may also fall into a deep state of relaxation.

At the completion of your session we will discuss any messages of guidance that came through to support you on your continued healing.

You will always get what you need from Reiki and whether you feel tired or full of energy it is recommended you take it slow after a session as the energy is still working its way through the body. Drink plenty of water and understand that healing will continue for a few days.


1:1 Reiki & Guidance Sessions – 3 x 1.5hr Sessions

1:1 Reiki & guidance sessions are available in a package for those committed to regular energy work & guidance for their continued growth & development.


‘Reiki for Two’

Have you experienced the magic & benefits of Reiki, and would like your partner/mum/best friend to have a session – only to find that they are too nervous or apprehensive to go on their own?

Introducing Reiki for Two. For couples/friends/family who want to share the experience and benefits of Reiki together.

Sharing any experience with another can be very fulfilling and not to mention fun! So not only will both of your energetic cups be filled, it’s a connection you’ll share forever.

If you are coming with your partner, there are many benefits to having Reiki as a couple.

The quality of your relationships is an integral part of your human experience & overall wellbeing.

Reiki brings awareness and understanding. When you have more self awareness you are able to be more enlightened of others and their experiences. From this space you are able to have a more expansive and connected relationship.

In these sessions we can work on each individual’s energetic needs as well as the energy of the relationship – helping to clear any stagnant energy that may be hindering the relationships growth. Reiki allows any emotional blockages to rise to the surface, so they can be addressed and then released.

Reiki for Two is a unique and powerful experience.


How it Works
  • When you both arrive we’ll begin by having a discussion about each person’s needs & goals for the session – as well as any needs for the energy of the relationship. This is a relaxed way to open communication and set the intention for the session. We will go over what Reiki is (if it is one of the participants first time), the benefits of Reiki and how the session will proceed.

  • There will be two Reiki tables, one for each individual, spaced slightly apart. While I begin to work with the first recipient, the second will be listening to a relaxing, guided meditation.

  • At completion of Reiki on recipient one, I will then place the headset on them, and begin Reiki on recipient two. Each individual session will go for approximately 30 mins.

  • After each person has received Reiki, the session will end. You will then have time to process your experiences together in the peaceful, healing environment.

  • After you return to the present, I will then rejoin you with light refreshments for a post-session discussion. Here we will talk about any messages that may have come through and how you found the experience.

Distance Reiki

If we take the time to be still and sit in silence, we have the ability to just be.. be in the moment, be in your space, be uniquely you.


Reiki healing can be shared long distance. It may be hard to wrap your mind around that thought, but yes, distance healing can be done.

Distance Reiki works as well as an in-person session. The practitioner and recipient both agree on a specific date & time – you will share with me your exact address at the time agreed upon, what issue you would like Reiki to balance & support you with, and in the comfort of your own home you can relax and receive the healing benefits of Reiki.