About Us

After a trip to Joshua Tree in 2017, my love for the Desert was born.

The expected harshness of the environment was softened by a rare desert phenomenon called a ‘Super Bloom’, where desert wildflowers, whose seeds have laid dormant in the desert for years, all blossom at the same time.

The colours of the landscape ranged from warm caramels to cool sage, and whilst experiencing the most golden sunset I have ever seen in my life, I stood quietly and felt the beautiful warm glow wash over me. I had never felt such peace.

As night fell, millions of twinkling stars filled the deepest, clearest sky.

The silence & stillness of the desert was unlike anything I had ever experienced. If magic existed I had just felt it with all my senses.

I felt awake, at peace, restored.

Like the wildflowers in the desert, I believe no matter what the environment, or what life throws at us, we can weather all extremes & still have the energy within us to bloom.

Casey x