Reiki Healing

everything is energy



Usui Reiki is a Japanese technique of healing touch, which promotes holistic healing of the mind, body & spirit.

Reiki (Universal life force energy) is channeled into the body and energy field through a series of hand placements, to clear out any stuck or blocked energy from the energy centres within your body (chakras)

When your chakras are not functioning as they should dis-ease occurs within the body and can manifest as physical or emotional symptoms. Reiki is an intelligent energy that flows to where it is needed.



Deep Relaxation of the body & mind

Eases stress & anxiety

Soothes emotional distress

Accelerates natural healing of the body

Relieves tension

Promotes focus & awareness


Enhances spiritual connection

Reiki is an energy balancing technique that can help reduce stress, aid relaxation, enhance energy and promote spiritual healing.